EyeAgile - Project Management Platform

EyeAgile is an Agile Project Management platform that helps to plan, organize, track, and deliver the project on time meeting the quality standards and within the budget.

  • Record and manage the project requirements on an intuitive interface

  • Simplify the processes in a project by integrating Agile methodologies

  • Enabling project management by planning and tracking status of the project

  • Integrated with test framework to control the quality

What is EyeAgile?

EyeAgile is a fully customized platform to meet the project objectives of the business. EyeAgile architecture gives enterprise-level transparency and visibility across all phases of project development, deployment, integration, and delivery. Software processes and quality are controlled by managing the test cycles, test cases, bugs, traceability, and test suites.

It streamlines all operations of project management by customization and in-house agile integration. EyeAgile is a solution based platform that empowers organizations to provide real-time visibility, which enables in incorporating the feedback from customers and also facilitates in collaboration within the organization which intends to delivery end-to-end scalable solutions with unprecedented benefits.

SAFe 4.0 Framework

It applies agile methodology to build increasingly comprehensive and efficient system by focusing on portfolio planning, program execution, and team level support. A well synchronized alignment increase productivity to reduce time to market the product.

Kanban Board

EyeAgile’s Kanban board enables visual project management and provides clarity and visibility of project's progress. It helps teams to work more efficiently, visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes in line with Kanban method.

Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. It is an iterative & incremental agile software development method which is ideally used where requirements are rapidly changing; this process is used for effective team collaboration on complex products.

In-house Integration

EyeAgile is unified consolidated in-house solution that enables customization and mobility across the organization. An integrated set of services and tools that facilitates in delivering quality results by making it accessible to all users.


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