Advancement in Information Technology (IT) has opened doors to major developments in project development lifecycle in 2018. As project management intertwines through all industries, it is important for the projects to adapt to these changes. However,  some projects do not meet their strategic goals leading to project failures. Each year, organizations spend millions of dollars per failed project. Therefore, it is important for the Project Managers to identify the early warning signs of project failure. Identifying these warning signs will help in improving project processes.

So, why do the projects fail?

Well, there are a number of reasons responsible for project failure, identifying early signs of failures and addressing the issues will help in averting project failures. As different organizations handle projects differently, hence a defined set of process is required. Before following the process, it is imperative to acknowledge the reasons because of which the projects fail:

Inadequate Tracking

Without proper tracking of activities performed on a project, it is difficult to identify if the project expectations are going to be met. Proper monitoring of activities by ranking tasks as per priority and identifying current status of the project is necessitated.

Inaccurate Cost Estimations

There are times project runs over budget. Hence project managers have to withdraw the project in the middle. A major cause can be lack of resources or lack of budget management.

Unclear Communication

Communication plays an important role in an organization irrespective of different levels of management. Without a centralized platform for sharing suggestions or communicating regarding project development, transparency lacks in such development phases.

Organizations follow a strategic approach on projects that drive changes. Companies are required to follow a holistic approach by using a centralized platform that best suits the requirement of the project. The adoption and implementation of agile within an organization help in successfully completing the project following the objectives.

Why choose EyeAgile Project Management?

EyeAgile is based on agile project management approach that helps in meeting the demand for flexibility and transparency in the project. According to a survey, 71% organizations are now using agile approach in their project.


EyeAgile Key Focus Areas

EyeAgile helps project managers in focusing on key areas in a project development process which leads to:

Real-time Visualization

Embedding Kanban Board methodology, progress of all tasks are represented visually which helps project managers in monitoring the activities performed by the team members and current status of task completion. This makes easy identification of bottlenecks.

Issue Tracking

Defect management in EyeAgile allows easy management of defects detected in a project that requires immediate attention. Priorities can be set for defect resolution and tracking of issues can be done by the IT team from a centralized platform that helps in maintaining the quality of a product.

Real-time Collaboration

Depending on the complexity of the project, EyeAgile focuses on facilitating interactions among team members through Collaboration module. This eliminates barrier to the information required by the team as they can easily communicate with each other.

Cost Estimation

To decide accurate budget for a project, EyeAgile allows Project Managers to use budget management facility for identifying cost estimation in a project. This  helps in creating a new budget using the existing budget of a project.

Project Portfolio

Change Management is a cumbersome process which requires proper tracking. Prioritization has become a difficult process for growing requirements. EyeAgile’s Project Portfolio provides a quick access to the entire project portfolio which helps in determining the estimates of project.

EyeAgile’s Agile Project Management reduces complexity in a project by bifurcating project development into parts to fulfill the requirements of the whole project. This helps in delivering the features providing the value to business in timely manner handling cost, time, and scope. To provide a bird’s eye view of every aspect of a project, EyeAgile provides Dashboard which depicts graphs and trends based on data in real-time. Project manager’s gain depth of the detail required for every project.

Every team wants to have visibility into their project and that’s where Kanban board helps them in identifying the current status. The details of each task can be viewed with its detail that manages the team workload. It becomes easier for the project manager to schedule task and allocate resource based on their availability and reallocate them as required. Manage project deadlines and track tasks to monitor team’s productivity. Always be aware of the latest requirements, changes requested by internal and external team and ideas shared for development in a project. EyeAgile’s Mobility Solution boosts team productivity by providing access to modules to the team members taking daunting tasks off from hands.

Embrace the future of Project Management with EyeAgile

EyeAgile’s approach is SAAS-based which increases efficiency of the team and boosts productivity to meet the goals of the project managers. It manages performance of the project and states best practices to the project managers to check deliverables against goals. Utilize artificial intelligence with EyeAgile to streamline process by automating repetitive tasks.

EyeAgile has all features which are required by the project managers in today’s era for successful running of their projects and help the team at every phase of the project’s development life cycle. Try this free with 30-day trial and embrace its benefits for your organization. Download the free trial today from