As the scholars say, the human race is always reluctant to the “Change” but however, we have an option to choose resilience or reluctance. 70% of organizational change programs fail to meet the client requirements and the main reason behind this is employee resistance. For the change management process to have an effective and impactful implementation, how the change will affect the process needs to be taken into consideration. For a testing change, a process needs to be followed wherein scheduling the change, documenting and evaluating its effects is imperative. A study reveals that 82% of CEO’s identify Change Management as a priority, and 35% ROI when no change management initiative is implemented.

Organizations, big or small, can gain profit from undertaking change management strategies whether tackled with implementing a new software or transforming the organization of the company’s structure. EyeAgile’s Change Management provides the facility of planning, scheduling, implementing, and tracking changes that need to be completed in a project. Through Change Management, Project managers can access the scope of the change, perform cost analysis, identify impact and risk analysis, and allocate the resources as required. Change administration is a procedure that helps facilitate any hierarchical advances. Here’s a list of the top benefits of implementing EyeAgile’s Change Management in your projects:

  1. Minimizes Project Failures

Implementing EyeAgile’s Change Management strategies effectively, businesses can reduce the probability that the project will fail when change is executed. While executing change management strategies, it needs to be carefully planned. And this is a tricky process which is made simpler with EyeAgile as the potential risks are analyzed and strategies are drafted for overcoming the outlined risks.

  1. Eliminates Redundant Confusion

EyeAgile’s Change Management facilitates businesses in eliminating redundant confusion while change is underway. Every procedure and strategy is clearly and carefully outlined as to how the implementation will be managed and change-related tasks will be carried out. And the confusion amongst the employees will be eventually eliminated.

  1. Effective Budget Management

It is clear and evident that change is expensive and making errors or mistakes while implementing change is altogether more expensive. With EyeAgile’s Change Management, it is a lot easier to manage the organizational budget for the change being implemented. Effective budget management facilitates to estimate the total cost of change management and helps to control project costs.


  1. Easier Change Impact Analysis

By prudently following EyeAgile’s Change Management methodologies, businesses can evaluate how the various aspects of the project and of the company will be impacted by the change. The change impact analysis becomes easier.

  1. Better Customer Service

EyeAgile’s Change Management escalates the level of communication with clients and customers, and it also augments the satisfaction report by the customers. It facilitates the enterprises to perform radical changes while still upholding a commitment to delivering quality goods and services.

Thus, EyeAgile’s Change Management acts as a catalyst to the organizational transition. However, many organizations find implementing the change will invite endless objections to the counterparts. Overcoming resistance to changes is often one of the biggest challenges for continuous improvement. And don’t let your business fail or give it a free fall when implementing change. Create an effective change management plan with EyeAgile’s Change Management solution and control every stage of the change process.

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