Every project isn’t structured in a way that’d work well with the Traditional Project Management method. That’s where EyeAgile’s Agile and iterative project management comes into play.  In today’s tech-savvy world that is overly dependent on digital devices and social networks, there is a lot of potentials to diversify the approach of bringing in better features such as Kanban Board in project management. All you have to do is define the stages of your workflow, then set up a way to move each task from one stage to the other. Kanban harnesses the power of visual information and facilitates in easily managing the flow of your projects progress, whether they are widgets, documents or a software code.

EyeAgile’s Kanban board provides an extensive set of features to help organizations visualize their workflow and define Work-in-Progress limits, highlight trouble-spots, help them with their daily stand-ups, presentations and other regular meetings; to deliver extensive actionable analytics in improving their overall process and flow. Kanban board can be customized to help structure many different organizational or team processes. This means that boards can be as simple or as advanced as needed. Boards represent individual projects, or all the projects, tasks or issues belonging to a specific team. Altogether,  these help in streamlining both individual and team workflows. Due to their visual nature, they help users identify risk areas, bottlenecks, and resource availability, allowing them to optimize productivity and utilization.

EyeAgile’s Kanban Board that gives an end-to-end view of current work, helps in tracking tasks’ progress and allows collaboration in real-time. EyeAgile enables users to organize and prioritize projects in a flexible way. With this, users can deep dive into the project details and enable workflow collaboration from beginning to the end of the project. To learn more about Kanban Board, watch the video or visit our website.

Below listed are a few reasons why EyeAgile’s Kanban is essential to your organization and functioning without it is next to impossible:

1. Flouting the goals into actionable insights

Whenever the workload is more or the goal is overarching to accomplish, the need for a review cycle or a Kanban board is extremely important for the goal to get accomplished within the assigned deadline and budget. However, compact steps can be accredited as the best ways to think about these tasks.

2. Balancing Work-in-progress

There are multiple people who have this apprehension that they can handle multiple projects and do multitasking while balancing multiple projects. However, this leaves each project unattended to. As per EyeAgile’s Kanban process, businesses will be able to focus on one task at a time completing it on time and moving on to another task with full attention.

3. There’s always room for enhancement

Another feature of EyeAgile’s Kanban Board is that it aims for perfection. It facilitates the users to evolve their existing processes and perform incremental changes so as to boost productivity. The benefit of using this method is that instead of doing a major overhaul of the way you and your team complete assigned tasks, you first identify holes in your existing work process.

4. End-to-end transparency

Instead of spending time trying to synthesize information from countless sources, see everything to manage initiatives in one place, in real-time, with no additional manual efforts. Also, EyeAgile’s Kanban board helps organizations prioritize tasks so one can place their focus on the most important one. This allows project managers to become organized while preventing you from becoming overwhelmed.

Therefore, with EyeAgile’s Kanban Board turn the ambitious ideas of businesses into workable plans streamlining communication, bettering task progress, facilitating real-time visibility and dividing work into manageable tasks.

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