It is easy to forget how radically different our lives were before computers and portable digital devices. Businesses nowadays are up against the challenges and technology has an immense effect on each and every aspect of the present business. The document management system solution is simple. Documents are scanned on arrival, or if you have an existing backlog the archive is also scanned to “get you up to speed”. The documents are uploaded into an electronic document management system and data is indexed to make it searchable in the system



With EyeAgile’s Document Management, documents can now be searched, shared or controlled for security purposes. The documents are now secure, backed up and available at the click of a mouse or even on a smartphone. A study shows that challenges faced by businesses who do not use the document management system are robbing most organizations with 21.3% of their overall productivity!

EyeAgile’s Document Management solution stores and keeps a track of all the documents in one, central location for easy retrieval of documents. Users can make archives of all documents, it supports various document formats, and users can create new or nested folders to bifurcate and store the documents, and can easily share it with other team members.

Benefits of EyeAgile’s Document Management System and get you the speed that is required:

  1. Reduced Storage

A tangible and obvious advantage of document management system is the massive reduction in storage and the costs as well. Before one even knows, the businesses will be removing the expensive paper storage boxes away and freeing up offices from the clutter of huge files and paperwork. Electronic storage of documents is an added benefit for businesses they need to realize.

  1. Fast, Flexible Retrieval

Retrieving documents can be a difficult task at times and it takes hours to acknowledge where the document located is or maybe someone else stored it at a different place? EyeAgile’s electronic document management system frees up businesses from this hassle with versioning of documents and proper management of each and every document.

  1. Faster Search

Keyword-based search and versioning are the two most important benefits which facilitate in faster search of the documents. Documents are always where you expect them to be rather than being on someone else’s desk or even worse – lost! This brings us nicely onto our next benefit – security.

  1. Improved Security

EyeAgile’s document management system is secure and facilitates role-based access of documents. It is fully protected and confidential for those who do not have the access.

The larger a company gets, the more likely it is there will be more and more documents to organize. Organizational hierarchy is one of the most important features to take into consideration when choosing a document management system. Categorization, tagging, and versioning with EyeAgile’s Document Management System will help you find the files you need as quickly as possible.

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