The progress in the IT industry has evidently changed project management approach. Due to this, organizations are under pressure to take significant steps to execute projects on time and collaborate in real-time. With this, artificial intelligence and enterprise mobility comes into picture, hence companies need to digitally level up their project management solution. They need to introspect whether their project management solution is good enough to compete in this ever-increasing IT industry. With the brisk innovation in technology and tools, EyeAgile has now made it possible for the project managers to collaborate in real-time, effortlessly manage tasks and resources with precision. EyeAgile brings digitization in the workplace. It facilitates faster and better management of processes through automation of manual process. The project management solution is based on SAAS model that helps enterprises in managing the expectations of the clients eliminating the possibility of errors.


According to the study, conducted by Digital Workplace Group (DWG), following are the seven dimensions which the companies should take care of, so as to fit in the digital workplace.

  • Collaboration and community
  • Communication and business intelligence
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Services and workflow
  • Strategic alignment and management
  • Structure and coherence
  • Organizational readiness

EyeAgile allows complete assessment of the project lifecycle and brings change to the traditional workplace:

Increases Collaboration of Remote Project Teams

EyeAgile enables digitization in the workplace to allow remote teams in an organization to collaborate together bringing transparency and end-to-end visibility. With this, companies are able to work with their remote teams in any part of the world and get the project done on time.

Improves Agility

With agility, teams can now focus on actual project requirements. It helps in reducing workload which means project managers can focus on the project’s quality, customer service, and timely delivery. All these benefits result in improving the agility of business.

Increases Project Success Rates

Digital workplace with EyeAgile results in providing an end-to-end visibility of the projects so as to gain valuable insights into project performance. It enables near real-time collaboration, communication, and access to data. This helps in improving success rates of the projects.

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