EyeAgile’s Change Management – Enabling organizations to reduce the cost of the transition by allowing them to better manage their budget!

Change is one of the most critical ingredients in human life, it is usually backed by resistance, reluctance, and criticism, but nevertheless; one of the only constant factor in the human race to keep the sustenance going and growing. There are the multitudes of small and large changes that come from projects. Many of these changes are, in themselves, small and have a tendency to be ignored. However, these changes have an adverse effect and must be managed as well. The management of change refers to changes made in a planned and systematic fashion, in order to effectively better implement new methods and systems in an ongoing organization. Internal changes lie within and are controlled by, the organization. Fortune 500 executives said that resistance was the primary reason changes failed.

Organization’s Change Management

Eighty percent of CIOs and IT managers from Fortune 500 firms in North America, stated that resistance was the main reason why technology projects failed.EyeAgile’s Change management acts as a catalyst to the organizational transition. However, many organizations find implementing the change will invite endless objections to the counterparts.

Overcoming resistance to changes is often one of the biggest challenges for the continuous improvement. To reduce project failures and to mitigate risks, which includes the following:
❖Having a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities,
❖Including change management strategies in project plans
❖Management of all stakeholders, including project team members,
❖Understanding the corporate culture, drivers, and strategies, and
❖Appropriate and timely Communications throughout the project’s life cycles.

What we really need to incorporate in our strategies and project plans, is not only good practices in managing the changes we engender but primarily managing people’s fear of the unknown. Benefits of implementing Change Management –
❖ Reduced risk
❖ Greater effectiveness
❖ Higher success rate
❖ Manage expectations
❖ Alignment between project teams and business
The greatest significance of EyeAgile’s Change Management is that it provides the facility of planning, scheduling, implementing, and tracking changes that need to be completed in a project.

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