This is the era of digital transformation and the accomplishment of every organization hinges on its capability of coming up with innovative applications, offering creative and out-of-the-box solutions and services. For organizations to master the art of conquering the era of digital transformation, they necessitate a transformation of becoming lean enterprises so that they can accomplish the quickest lead time offering high-quality and value. EyeAgile’s SAFe 4.0 Framework facilitates enterprises to prosper in the era of digital transformation. Streamlining collaboration and delivery for the project teams, SAFe 4.0 escalates productivity, offers the time-to-market advantage and provide superior product quality. Scaled Agile Framework of EyeAgile consists of team, value stream, program and portfolio organizational levels. It supports the expansion of complex and large system architectures. SAFe denotes for “Adaptable Agile Framework.” It characterizes a methodology for scaling procedures to make it work for greater undertakings which can function faster with Agility. Since big business engineering is a top of the line though, the SAFe framework aims at enterprise-class software and systems in the shortest sustainable lead time possible.

EyeAgile supports quantitative SAFe that assists in aligning team-level development and strategizing business processes. It offers value streams, team management, portfolio and program management, strategic themes and product roadmap. Product roadmap offers Agile Release Train (ART) deliverables and Value stream in a short-term timeline. Also, value streams assist in comprehending, managing and delivering value for the customers, and accomplishing the shortest sustainable lead time. Strategic themes serve as a communication protocol amidst the enterprise and its service offerings.

EyeAgile’s SAFe 4.0 Framework offers a plethora of benefits to enterprises such as:

  • Strategic planning – It facilitates enterprises to efficiently plan and organize the team and business-level strategy. The high-level strategies of the organizations associated with portfolios and programs are managed efficiently.
  • Streamlined collaboration – It provides a standard protocol for all enterprise and team related communication.
  • Time-to-market advantage – It streamlines key business processes and reduces the time-to-market products by scaling agile methodology and utilizing enterprise-wide collaborative efforts.
  • Improves business agility – It accelerates productivity through employee engagement, quality and synchronizes collaboration, alignment as well as delivery for multiple agile teams.

It enables organizations to address the significant challenges of enhancing and delivering enterprise-class software and systems in the shortest sustainable lead time. Therefore, EyeAgile’s SAFe 4.0 Framework is configurable and scalable that allows organizations to adapt the framework to its own business needs.

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