According to the statistics, only 36% of projects meet deadlines and goals, 43% of all projects are delivered late or over budget, and almost 70% of organizations face degraded performance problems due to overloaded projects.


For organizations that manage countless projects at once, it becomes very difficult to effectively complete the tasks and deliver it to the clients in a timely manner. To make the work more manageable and less intimidating, the best way for project organizations is to break large complex requirements into smaller and manageable stages with EyeAgile’s Epic Methodology.

Bring agility, innovation and transformation to your projects

Epic Methodology is a mature protocol for developing and implementing projects in well-defined stages. The main purpose of dividing the work into stages is to achieve a high degree of control throughout the project’s developmental period, prevent potential project mishandling to which any project can fall prey, and gain the trust of the project participants. With EyeAgile’s Epic Methodology, the project teams can easily organize and manage their work by breaking the project into small parts or say small user stories, and these user stories can be further broken down into tasks. This facilitates the project managers to prioritize the work according to the customer’s requirements, and complete the projects within a given budget and on defined deadlines.
In addition to this, the progress of each development carried out can be tracked effectively through Burndown dashboard. It displays the total work done in each iteration (user story) and showcases the remaining work to be completed. By tracking the remaining work throughout the iteration, the project teams can manage their work progress, and respond to trends accordingly. Therefore, EyeAgile’s Epic Methodology complies coding standards and facilitates resilient, modular systems that can be efficiently maintained, scaled, and enhanced over time.

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