In the world of business, time is money. So naturally, in all corporate firms, employees are appraised by their performances against time. In olden times, these performances were accounted on paper in big account books, where a person had to enter all the records of the employee manually, calculate his performance by his number of hours and amount of work done and everything was done on paper. Later, excel sheets or spreadsheets came into the picture and the work of the human resource management personnel became much simpler. But, with a lot of projects, huge workforce and also corporate firms growing in leaps and bounds, the data that had to be entered simply became unmanageable. Now, the organizations need to implement a solution that helps them to track and manage their employee’s working hours using automation, so that the management can divert their focus from managing papers and sheets to some more productive work. And, the solution they need is EyeAgile’s Timesheet Management.


It helps organizations or project managers to track the working hours, productivity, expenses of their project teams, and generates reports to get visibility into projects and resource performance. This will increase the productivity of the staff in delivering their assignments, and the organization can gauge the speed with which a project is completed and the working hours spent on completing a project. On top of this, the solution also provides mobile support that helps the managers to keep track of their team’s work anywhere and at any time. Below are some of the advantages businesses gains after implementing EyeAgile’s Timesheet Management solution:-

Below are some of the advantages businesses gains after implementing EyeAgile’s Timesheet Management solution:-

Improved Decision-making
Time is money, so once it is clear where employees are spending their time, an employer can decide how to better prepare and deal with projects.

Better Resource Allocation
EyeAgile’s Timesheet Management solution helps to easily record what employees are working on and what projects are on their task list, thus leading to better resource allocation.

Enhanced Communication
Data from timesheets helps in making better decisions as project managers are much clearer on what employees are working on. With this consolidated report on time spent on projects, project managers can approach the team members and collaborate on areas for improvement.

More Accurate Forecasts
With EyeAgile’s Timesheet Management solution, it becomes easier for project managers to see how the project is going on and how much time and work remains. This, in turn, helps for better project planning and forecasting.

Increased Sense of Accomplishment
With accurate project data, project managers have an increased sense of accomplishment and are motivated to get the rest of the job done.

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