Have you ever used sticky notes to remind yourself of the important tasks or to keep track of your project’s progress and then seek for the same? If you’ve done this then you know what visual management is. EyeAgile’s Kanban Board offers a productive and simple way to visually manage your work offering teams to see work-in-progress and comprehend the information such as task progress, task prioritization, processes and potential risks associated with the team’s capability of completing the work on time. If you want to work smarter, use EyeAgile’s Kanban Board for a smarter way to work. Using EyeAgile’s Kanban Board, you can:
• Track and plan project tasks
• View project details – backlogs, defects, user stories, UAT anytime
• Detailed view of estimated time, completion time, priority and work status
• Filter defect cards based on name, ID and backlog
• Supports cycle time report and throughput report

EyeAgile’s Kanban board is a visual representation of the work stream, where each work task is represented by a card. As work progresses, the project member assigned to the task simply drags and drops the card between the planned, working on, and done columns. Kanban boards can be customized to help structure many different organizational or team processes.
Visual management with EyeAgile’s Kanban Board facilitates the project managers to visually sort through each information easily. Businesses don’t need to decipher information by making a spreadsheet and ascertain whether a certain task has been started or has been completed, with the use of EyeAgile’s Kanban Board, answer to most of the questions are all on the board.
There are endless advantages of using EyeAgile’s Kanban board such as it is customizable to suit organizational or team processes, it facilitates planning flexibility to the project owners, it results in shortened cycle times and it helps to easily tackle project bottlenecks. Managing projects using Kanban’s visual aids and metrics allows continuous delivery, thus enabling a faster time-to-market and increased productivity.

Nevertheless, EyeAgile’s Kanban board is one of the best practice that organizations can implement to enhance team collaboration by communicating status updates to all team members, even if they are remotely located or are working on-site. It provides transparency within the team, reduces wastage of time in tracking project updates and improves the overall efficiency of the team. At a single glance, the project managers can view the current completion stage of each project component and identify their current responsibilities and take corrective measures in order to facilitate growth and development obstructing the project’s success. EyeAgile’s Kanban Board can adapt to your regular workflows and offers the capabilities you need in an easy-to-implement platform.

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