At the essence of every project lies a plan, one that translates visions and strategies into tasks and activities that eventually result in the final outcome of the intended project or product initially envisioned by the organization or customer. The difference between a successful project and a failed project is the way the projects are planned and how the planning is executed. Agile methodologies discourse the customer’s needs and expectations perfectly. During the whole cycle, user involvement is encouraged, providing visibility & transparency, showing the actual progress of projects. Agile methodology is all about iterative planning, making it very easy to adapt when some requirements change. EyeAgile Project Managment utilizes the latest methodologies and practices in the project management arena to help organizations and project teams chalk out a flexible plan, one that can be easily implemented and brings out the maximum profitability for every stakeholder. EyeAgile acts as an indispensable new wave solution catering to the project planning needs of a modern project manager.


The fundamentals of managing a project from start to finish require a team of individuals with a different set of capabilities. There are people who are exclusively responsible for planning and executing the project objectives with efficiency. As more people engage in project management and do not use the project management software, it can become a challenging task to accomplish the project since there are various things which are needed to be considered such as easy planning, team management, seamless team workflow, project tracking and collaboration.

EyeAgile- an Agile Project Management solution helps organizations to plan, organize, track, and deliver the project on time meeting the quality standards and within the budget. EyeAgile’s Project Management solution enhances enterprise-level transparency and visibility across all phases of project development, deployment, integration, and delivery. It is a simple, visual, and collaborative platform to increase efficiency and drive productivity. Below stated are 10- reasons which justify why organizations should adopt EyeAgile’s Project Management solution and how will it empower organizations in streamlining the business processes:

  1. Defines a plan and organizes chaos – projects are naturally chaotic. The primary business function of project management is organizing and planning projects to tame this chaos. A clear path mapped out from start to finish ensures the outcome meets the goals of your project.
  2. Establishes a schedule and plan – Without a schedule, a project has a higher probability of delays and cost overruns. A sound schedule is a key to a successful project.
  3. Enforces and encourages teamwork – A project brings people together to share ideas and provide inspiration. Collaboration is the cornerstone to effective project planning and management.
  4. Maximizes resources – Resources, whether financial or human, are expensive. By enforcing project management disciplines such as project tracking and risk management, all resources are used efficiently and economically.
  5. Manages Integration – Projects don’t happen in a vacuum. They need to be integrated with business processes, systems and organizations.
  6. Controls cost – some projects can cost a significant amount of money so on budget performance is essential. Using project management strategies greatly reduces the risk of budget overruns.
  7. Manages change – projects always happen in an environment in which nothing is constant except change. Managing change is a complex and daunting task. It is not optional. Project management manages change.
  8. Manages quality – Quality is the value of what you produce. Project management identifies, manages and controls quality. This results in a high-quality product or service and a happy client.
  9. Retains and utilizes knowledge – projects generate knowledge or at least they should. Knowledge represents a significant asset for most businesses. Left unmanaged knowledge tends to quickly fade. Project management ensures that knowledge is captured and managed.
  10. Learning from failure – projects do fail. When they do, it is important to learn from the process. Project management ensures that lessons are learned from project success and failure

Thus, projects come in all sizes. As the complexity of the project increases, a number of the details for monitoring also increases. Managing the key areas is important for the success of a project. EyeAgile’s Project Management focuses on the scope of the project, tracks and organize the tasks, and manages the resources to enhance team collaboration. This gives a clear understanding of the project requirements and makes sure all essential features are developed in the decided time frame. A detailed visualization facilitates in ascertaining the progress of the tasks in each phase. EyeAgile manages the lifecycle of the project by focusing on planning and organizing the project and its resources thereby aiming at continuous improvement and facilitating high-quality results.

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