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Email Interfacing

Can you imagine managing your projects via email? No need to login any software, no need to use any tool on your ipad or mobile device. What you need is your email and all the information related to your project comes to you.

Key Differentiators

Aside from providing all the regular features that one expects to manage agile projects, EyeAgile provides many unique aspects. An integrated version with basic functionality along with uniquely differentiated features will create an awesome business value for your organization. Here is the succinct summary of features atypical to this arena.


Innoeye Technologies brought to you the most intuitive, collaborative and easy to use agile project management platform that accelerates project success, business profits and helps you mitigate the project risk by managing effectively all the aspects of a software development life cycle from idea to release.


Agile development methodology provides opportunities to access the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle. EyeAgile is an agile project management tool that helps software teams to accelerate the software delivery and amends project visibility to their agile initiatives.


To drive a project successful we need effective collaboration across teams, processes, tools and stakeholders. An environment where all your stakeholders can work together, plan and track all your epics, stories, requirements, defects, bugs, tests issues in a single system.

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EyeAgile is an agile project management platform that helps all the team members to be more productive and accomplish their goals. More specifically EyeAgile improves productivity and collaboration and deliver quality software on time and increases the value of your customers.